Did you ever dream of witnessing a Wildlife Documentary shoot? Just sit and relax anywhere in Kundala House garden and wait for the show to begin! From our daily visitors (the water buffaloes, the purpled faced monkeys, kingfishers, lizards, chipmunks…) to the once-in-a-while surprises such as peacocks, mangost, crested eagles, fish eagles, monitor lizards, birds of paradise, or the very odd giant squirrel…every sight will be an absolute delight for wildlife lovers.

Hidden in a spectacular and secluded corner of the property, surrounded only by pure nature  and wildlife amongst paddy fields, a yoga shala with a capacity for 12-15 yogis is available for all our guests. Besides yoga mats provided by us, there is a perfect corner to chillout in the hammocks and just let the time fly…

Yoga Shala photos by Felix Müller© & Eva Cruz©
Wildlife photos taken @ Kundala House by Eva Cruz©